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Design Team Spotlight

Yvette - Host & Booking Specialist


Yvette is the face you see at the front desk. She has been employed with Dimensional Designs Salon since 2005. Yvette is quick to explain that it has given her the opportunity to meet many great people through the years that she, now, is proud to call her friends. She also notes that she loves the staff at Dimensional Designs, and that they make everyday a good day. Seeing first-hand how the client's lives can be enriched by what is offered, is truly wonderful. Yvette served as President of Platinum Petroleum Inc. for 18 years and retired from the company in 2005. Her desire to be around people brought her to be at home at Dimensional Designs, where she utilizes all of her talents and interests (often, miraculously all at the same time), and maintains she has never regretted the change. She is a mother of 5 children and a grandmother of 14; and enjoys every moment she gets to spend with them.


Beauty is being comfortable and confident
in your own skin.

- Iman